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Meet our Professional Team

We believe in offering the best.

Our Sous Chef Akur, years back, began his career with the desire to present Indian fusion cuisine to the UK audience bringing spices where few had ever tasted the Indian dishes before. Today his specialty is finding the perfect balance with the fusion of his ingredients for a spicy yet mildly hot taste for the beginner's palate.  

Our Front of the House Manager Sagar, with his years in the hospitality industry throughout Europe and in the United States, has settled in Granite Bay with enthusiasm.  From Las Vegas to New York to San Francisco and Los Angeles, Sagar has worked to deliver his expertise making his guests feel as if they were visiting his home. Sagar takes pride in teaching all that he knows of his menu, the history of the foods and the qualities of each dish, to his awaiting guests.  The result is a deeper understanding of the cuisine. Ask Sagar to explain and he will delight in getting to know you with his hospitable nature.

Meet Keshav, who in his love for the area, commutes weekly from his restaurant in the heart of downtown Sonoma, to his newest restaurant in Granite Bay. Ask him to tell you of his trek from India to Japan as a teenager, learning first hand the culinary skills he would use in the development of his restaurants. He's committed to simple elegant tastes and the personal approach in making his guests comfortable by any means possible. Come enjoy hand-crafted recipes Keshav has perfected with his chefs. Meet the man and his vision for a homespun cuisine using top ingredients by a crew of highly discerning professionals. 

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